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Heavy Gauge AX1V DieHG/EG/HDS/HD Recommendation

Heavy Gauge AX1V Die
Heavy Gauge AX1V DieHeavy Gauge AX1V DieHeavy Gauge AX1V DieHeavy Gauge AX1V Die


  • Set up time can be reduced significantly.
  • Labor cost(number of processes) can be reduced.
  • Anyone can set up tools with ease.
  • This tool is compatible with Bi series for mid-thick material (Instant angle adjustment device).
  • The tool is AX-treated (surface treatment for high hardness), achieving more than 3 times higher durability than conventional tools.
  • This tool can be attached directly to FEAT AFH die holder & Reversible 1V Die Holder & Hydraulic 1V Die Holder.