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“FEAT” AFH Die Holder

Q: Can FEAT be used together with Reversible 1V Die Holder?

A: It depends on condition of your die holder, but yes, it can.

Q: Is it suitable for stage bending?

A: Yes, it is. And, AFH Dies can be clamped securely and easily by uniform distribution load clamping structure.

Q : Is return bend different from Reversible 1V Die Holder?

A : Return bend is not different. Technically, it is different on front side (operator side), but it is same on back side (back gauge side). We think it does not influence bending work.

Q : Is high height FEAT available?

A : Yes, we can provide high height FEAT same as before. But it will be special order.

Q : Is FEAT available without fixing dies?

A : No, it can not be used in unfixed state. Please always fix dies for use.