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“FEAT” AFH Die Holder

“FEAT” A.F.H. Die Holder Spec
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Item Specification
Holder Length L size  850mm / M size 510mm
Holder Height H=51.5mm
Holder Allowable Tonnage 1000kN/m
Applicable Tooling ●Amada AFH Die:
Max V=40mm(Mounting width: 14mm) 
●Amada Light-Weight Hemming Tool Type Ⅲ:  
(Mounting Width: 14.2mm)
Tooling Fixture Method Manual Operation: Tools are fixed by rotating bolts by 180 degree using Allen Key(8mm)(Tools are not available in unfixed state.) 
L size:5 bolts /  M size: 3 bolts
Weight L size  13.5kg / M size    8.0kg
Hardness HRC28
Centering Method The centering work is required at only first installation.
Bi Compatibility  Bi-S: Available
Bi-J: Not Available
Other Die attaching height of FEAT is same as 1V Die Holder Reversible, so they can be used together.
Machine Model Table Length (mm) Die Holder Combination Die Holder Length (mm)
EG-6013 1350 L=1、M=1 1360
HD-5020NT 2090 L=2、M=1 2210
HG-5020 2150
HG-8025 2600 L=3 2550
HD-8025NT 2570
HD-1303/HG-1303LNT 3110 L=3、M=1 3060
HG-1704 4300 L=5 4250