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Clamp Plate for Amada Press Brake Machine -AMADA STANDARD GRIP-

AGRIPアマダのクランプ 中間板 特長

AGRIP series supports Grooved Tapered Punch which prevents falling. Tool setup can be performed on Amada press brake machine quickly and efficiently.


Punch/GRIP Fall Protection

-Dedicated plate prevents GRIP from slipping out so that the tool set-up and GRIP position change can be made safely and efficiently

GRIP Connection

-GRIP can be connected without gap.

Front-Loading/Front-Unloading of Punch

-Punch (12.5kg or less) can be unloaded from the front.

Auto Punch Pull-Up

-Punch pulled up to clamp face.

Return Bend Area Securing

-Front rear clamp plate can be removed as needed.