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Accessories for ID-TOGU/TOGUⅢ (for grinder package )

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Jigs Jig for Ast ½” and Bst 1¼” die
(Long and Short)
Sleeve for Cst 2” shear-angle punch body (Long and Short)
Sleeve for Dst 3½” shear-angle punch body (Long and Short)
Jig for Est 4½” shear-angle punch body(Long)
Jig for blade punch
(Dst 3½” and Est 4½”)
Parts Filter(2pcs./a pair) -
Grinding wheel
(※Dresser holder is not included)

※ Prepare power cable and air hose (3/8”) to the machine.

※ Standard accessory includes filter (2pcs. for 1 change ) , Grinding wheel, Dresser holder, Dresser and grinding oil. Jigs are Optional.

※ Jigs except jig for αblade are classified as machine parts when ordering.